WFI Product of The Year 2023 Technology Award

Molymem receive prestigious WFI 2023 Product of The Year Award

We are extremely pleased to receive the WFI (Waterloo Filtration Institute) 2023 Product of the Year for our development of our Molymem-NOM products, this follows on nicely from winning the emerging technology award a few years ago. Read more about that here.

Molymem-NOM, a two-dimensional Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2)-enhanced membrane, targets the removal of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) from water.

NOMs are naturally occurring organic matter, present in waters across the world but particularly those in high peat-based regions.  Chlorine-based disinfection byproducts can react with the NOMs to form harmful contaminants which must be removed.  Molymem-NOM has shown good promise in removing certain fractions of NOMs and we are scaling the technology. 

With comparable performance to traditional polymeric membranes, our coated membranes show enhanced longevity and safe and easy end-of-life disposal, which provides a sustainable solution.  

Dr. Paul Wiper, Business Development and Project Manager at Molymem, who presented at the WFI conference, accepted the award and commented:

“We’re honoured to receive the Product of The Year Award; this is a fantastic accolade for us. We believe we have a disruptive yet retrofittable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of enabling existing membranes to remove a range of dissolved species from water sources that ultimately can improve water quality and security. This is testament to the hard work and commitment from our team in developing and scaling the patented coating technology.”

WFI President, Dr. Christine Sun, CFSS commented:

“We are thrilled to witness the evolutionary journey of your technology, transitioning from the 2021 Emerging Technology Award to scaling up for industrial production. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement!”