Next generation membranes

Helping address wastewater challenges worldwide

Why Molymem?

We use a new class of materials with a range of benefits for nanofiltration membranes including ultra-high performance, high corrosion resistance and sharp molecular size cut-off. The membranes are applicable to a range of industries.

High water flux membranes

2D material membranes exhibit high water flux due to their low hydraulic friction surfaces

High corrosion resistance

2D materials are inorganic and do not degrade in highly acidic or alkaline environments

Easily appliable coating

2D materials can be coated onto existing polymeric, ceramic and metal membranes with ease.

Industries served

Molymem technology can be applied to a range of industry sectors. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Wastewater treatment

Removal of pollutants from a broad range of challenging feedstocks to produce clean water


Separation and purification in downstream processes for bio-pharmaceutical applications

Food and Beverage

Novel use cases for separations in drink processing applications

About us

Molymem is a spin out from the University of Manchester

We have been developing the patented technology in our labs over the last 5 years. We have demonstrated the membranes in various use cases and applciation areas including: desalination and dye removal.


We are looking for partners to help us develop specific products for industry challenges

Materials and Chemistry

We are a cross-disciplinary team of experienced scientists


We have invested £270k into the technology and begun scale-up of the membrane production

Our Mission

Enabling cleaner water supplies for the World's growing demand.

Our Plan

We are scaling up membrane production and looking for partners to take the technology into key markets.

Our Vision

Realising the benefits of a new class of materials in the membrane industry and to become the leading supplier of 2D material membranes modules.

Our Care

We want to use the features of our membranes to enable sustainble membrane solutions.


We have brought together scientists and experienced business leaders to work alongside your business to develop bespoke membrane solutions.

Ray Gibbs

Robert Dryfe

Mark Bissett

Liam Britnell


Our Address

The Masdar Building
University of Manchester
Sackville St

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